Let’s Go To Hell

4943206863_0d0ff0521dEarlier on today I posted a God Bullies clip on our facebook page and, as is standard, no one saw it or passed any kind of comment. Well, I’m not about to let it go this time. This time you’re gonna do what I say, This time you’re going to have to listen to me. There’s just no point in even trying to fight it sometimes, the air around here has been heady with nostalgia in recent weeks, 40, 30 years since this, 25 or 20 years since that, 28 since ‘Surfer Rosa’ (and Fade Out. And Isn’t Anything and so on). I don’t like to give in too easily to that sort of thing even though it can be fun. It gets exhausting, and there’s the worrying temptation of grumpy old-gittishness, ‘better in my day’ opining and such. But as my esteemed/steamed colleague mentioned in the previous post others have been digging hard in the dusty old crates encouraging our reminiscing. Misty mornings, Buffalo Tom for goalposts, that sort of thing. Here’s an absolutely wonderful piece of video from just such an exercise in celebrating/wallowing – Am Rep’s 25th anniversary celebrations back in 2010. I guess they’re 31 this year then. If you’re unfamiliar with them God Bullies are a treat – loud, hard and unpleasant in the manner of most of AmRep’s bands and somewhere vaguely in the middle of the unhinged lunacy of the Buttholes and the clipped brutality of Big Black. Although they’d been out of business for about 15 years at this point the set is a blistering 30 minute blast through the finest moments of their career. Out in the fading sunlight under canvas really compliments Mike Hard’s unhinged revival preacher persona, he’s an amazing frontman with something of Rodney Dangerfield about him. ‘Let’s Go To Hell’ is basically Iggy’s ‘Funtime’ with all the fun, and light, sucked out of it. Dark as it gets they’re still a joy to witness. As an added bonus you get Shannon from Cows doing the national anthem and ‘Shaking All Over’ with the band to kick things off.

God Bullies performing at the Amphetamine Reptile Records 25th Anniversary Celebration in Minneapolis on August 28, 2010



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