Losing Control…

Right then pop pickers, just about our favourite band around here (not that we keep track) Hey Colossus have a new thing available! wooh, and indeed, hoo! Splendid new one ‘All The Humans’ could easily have come off either of the last two albums and is a hypnotic, psych/drone lurch that takes a few listens to really get its hooks in you. Now I can’t stop listening to it. No idea what Sykes is on about, keeping warm in hospital and so on, but then that’s about standard. I know controlled brevity is their current thing but they could definitely stretch this out to twice the length live and it’d be great. There’s the nice video for it above, looks like sparklers at the start. Anyone remember MBV having that film of sparklers behind them onstage? That was damn cool. There’s a couple of alternate versions of tunes from ‘In Black & Gold’ on the B side in the traditional fashion. Released in honour of another live campaign out on the european mainland. Sending all our best bands to the EU and what do we get in return eh? Someone should alert the Brexit loons. It’s available as one of those frustratingly handsome but impractical lumps of dead media, the cassingle. Or for a reasonable pound a track download, out friday, preorder on their bandcamp



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