My Blastbeats Bring All The Boys To The (Grave) Yard


Inevitably, but no less amusingly, the unfortunate visage of The Donald arrives on the cover of a deathcore release. Might not even be the first one for all I know. In this instance US/Aus two man project Seed Of Life have chosen to decorate their new ‘Crime Of Humanity’ EP with Trump’s severed noggin. Fun for almost everyone. Now, I’ve no hands on experience in this area myself but from what I’ve seen in the movies the traditional manner of holding such a trophy aloft is by the victim’s blood soaked hair, which may present unusual challenges in this case. On a spike is the way to go come the glorious day, I expect. The EP in question is free to download off bandcamp if that’s your thing. It’s pretty generic stuff but done well and with a few interesting touches,  so you know what you’re getting –  fierce drums and a load of guttural screaming in the main, ideal for your picnics. Meanwhile in the world of R’n’B beverage metaphor I know we’re all about Beyonce’s Lemonade this week but even those of you with no interest should check their version of Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’.  Cookie monster vocals and milk, it’ll put a smile on your face…



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