Back on the fags…


Thank God for the Sleaford Mods eh? Had a listen to a couple of new things this morning, Eagulls sounding like bloody Suede only less animated – not a good look chaps. Also gave that new A Giant Dog one a try as well. It’s not far from something I’d really love and yet…it’s dog shit. So, thank God for the Mods who’ve dug out an ancient ur-text from Jason’s loft called ‘Ashtray’. It’s great too, better than a lot of the old stuff on ‘Retweeted’ the conversational/rant style seems fully formed and fits perfectly over a rock guitar loop. Simple, effective and a timely nod to Bowie in the lyric too. Nice one.

“The fabled rant over a metal loop that started Sleaford Mods way back in 2005\6. the exact date isn’t known but this was found in the attic of Jason’s place. Heavy stuff indeed for the SM enthusiast”



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