Katushki – Chris Herbert


Here’s a post that I’ve been attempting to write since the first half of this new cassette was on FBI radio sometime late last year. It now sees a proper release on Nottingham’s reliably glamourous and intriguing Low Point whose last release was that Kogumaza one I wittering about a few weeks back. This is also available as one of those charming old school cassettes and/or thoroughly, thrillingly, modern downloads – you decide. My own slackness aside, the reason it has sat unwritten while the seasons turned and the old soundcloud link expired is it’s so hard to say anything that feels illuminating about the music contained within. It’s ambient, sort of. It’s drone, I suppose. It’s two side long pieces of shifting, gently experimental, electronic loveliness that slides in and out of focus. The first side is the FBI stuff and apparently includes some material from his collaboration with Nicholas Bullen, the second side was conceived specifically for cassette. It’s called ‘Memorex Delta’ and has tape hiss and no doubt a deal of more cleverly derived effects from the medium itself. Warm and analogue sounding rather than cold and digital, not that such distinctions are really meaningful or honest but I think you know what I mean. I’ve listened to it quite a lot and it still has many hidden charms. Anyway, you can soothe your brain with a listen to it here. Dive in.




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