Sunday Afternoon Whiteout


A hearty mix of noisy punk and stuff to start the week, or something. Made the other week after falling in a nostalgia hole thanks to all the 40 years since punk/25 years since ‘Nevermind’ blather in the world. Kicks off with Iggy Pop chatting, he was 100 years old the other day right? Still killing it live if recent reports are to be believed. Then Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet – can’t stop whistling that tune. I was playing their stuff on account of some Record Store Day boxset going for idiot money on ebay. Really, that bullshit needs stopping but they were a great band, then we got fellow canadians NOMEANSNO raging in europe in 1991 and The Ex, ‘cos I was excited about them playing Supernormal, most of the rest of it tends towards the bands who were forerunners or contemporaries of Nirvana I guess. Just not massive international superstars with it. Pity. The name comes from a Live Skull song. It’s not on here but a tune off the same record is. Basically, I couldn’t think of a title and I hadn’t bothered to do a cover image. And today’s Sunday. The image is from an amazing collection of Russian graphic art here


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