happy birthday ‘murica!


woo! yeah! fireworks and shit! hot damn! let me shoot my gun in the air and what all. We’re pretty ambivalent about the the fourth of July around here, as we are generally of patriotic flag waving shenanigans anywhere. On the other hand, throwing off the chains of a distant and disinterested monarchy by force? That’s independence right there. Changes to the legal paperwork in trade deals – less so if we’re honest about it. We love America as much, if not more, than we hate some of the stupid stuff about it and mostly we love some of that American music there by golly. so, here’s an old Panic & Carousels show full of American artists from punk to modern classical and all the noisy fun places between. What you’re looking at here for the most part is disaffected young chaps takin’ it out on guitars at considerable speed and volume. possibly while also ‘sticking it to the man’ it’s not always clear. There’s other stuff too but that’s the main thrust, in fact it’s not all that different to the last mix a month or two back. That’s because this is great music. A very generous commentator called it ‘a brief history of experimental music’ which might be overselling it in fine American style but it’s fun you know? When I went to check it on mixcloud the tracklist seemed to be hiding, it’s there if you poke about it seems. Or here if not, play careful with them fireworks mmmkay?…


Negativland – Methods of Torture
Ramones – Judy Is A Punk
Culturcide – Star-Spangled Banner
Culturcide – Bruce
Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia
Hüsker Dü – Ice Cold Ice
Minor Threat – Salad Days
Butthole Surfers – Perry
Cheap Trick – ELO Kiddies
Shellac – Copper Song
Arcwelder – Favor
Guided by Voices – The Unsinkable Fats Domino
Live Skull – Was
Oozing Wound – Aging Punk
Pain Teens – The Poured Out Blood
The Melvins – If I Had An Exorcism
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – Change Your Mind
Love Cup – Tearing Water
Pissed Jeans – Romanticize Me
Guerilla Toss – Gay Disco
Crash Course in Science – Cakes in the Home
Negativland – Yellow Black and Rectangular
Trans Am – Failure
Oneohtrix Point Never – Americans
Drexciya – Intensified Magnetron
Dan Friel – One Legged Cowboy
Dan Deacon – USA: I. Is A Monster
Steve Reich – Heavy Smoke (movement 5)
John Cage – Imaginary Landscape No. 5
Sonic Youth – Six (4th Take)
Earth – Coda Maestoso In F (Flat) Minor
Swans – New Mind
Prurient – God is Truth and Light His Shadow
Moondog – Symphonique No. 6 (Good for Goodie)
Tuxedomoon – Triumphant Procession


Flag01 copy


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