Space Rock with Radar Men From The Moon


Naming themselves after a 50’s US Sci-Fi TV series does make you think there’s going to be a lot of Shadowy Men Or Astroman? about their sound but these guys aim more for your actual space rock. Being as they’re Dutch I guess you could say kosmiche. This latest effort ‘Subversive II: Splendor Of The Wicked’ came out a couple of weeks ago. While they don’t really sound like any of those great 70’s German bands particularly they avoid the blues rock chug and prog noodling that can so often blight UK psych efforts. ‘You Filled the House With Merciless Sand’ is a wonderful title and fades in on an ominous drone before building up and up in familiar fashion, there’s a touch of that 50’s twangy guitar about it too. As open and expansive as they get there’s always a sense of everything being measured and orderly –  it never just hangs about waiting for something to happen. Imagine Fuck Buttons were a garage psych band. Things get more and more rhythmic and frantic from one track to the next until closer ‘Translucent Concrete’ which has a rhythm track worthy of something on perc trax and wouldn’t be too far out of place, if a bit upbeat, on the new JK Flesh record. Ideal for playing loud and dancing about like a fool, it’s also pay what you like on bandcamp so, you know, austerity smashing bargain too




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