Hickey-Normal Super-sonic

EDITED TO ADD: we’ve confirmed that we’ll be appearing in the Red Kite Bar Stage on Saturday evening at 6.30pm (after the Bowie-oke) and 8pm (after Turtle Yama).

So that dastardly duo Thee Monkey’s Claw and Prince Reelfoot will be making their first appearance as Hickeysonic since we played Supersonic Xmas Party back in 2014. We’re going to be playing the Red Kite Stage (ie, the bar)at Supernormal between some bands on Saturday evening, and also putting in an appearance in Farmer Glitch’s Big Pink Shed at some point.


This isn’t Farmer Glitch’s Big Pink Shed, we don’t have a picture of that. This is EVERYBODY’S Small Wooden Compost Toilet. But it’s probably about the same size, and if Thee Monkey’s Claw decides it’ll be funny to play the Venetian Snares remix of Skelechairs *again* it’ll be a far more pleasant place to hang out.

See you there.


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