bank holiday wipeout


belated arrival of a download for  a mix from a couple of months back when we were all excited about The Ex playing Supernormal and so on. Also a place holder while I get around to writing some provisional review and jam together a new mix from the over abundance of music we took along to do our short little set. title clicky to download, fans of reading will note there’s also a tracklist now – wooh, and indeed, hoo

Sunday Afternoon Whiteout

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet  –  Who Painted Whistler’s Mother [Dim the Lights…]
NoMeansNo  –  Some Bodies   [Live and Cuddly]
The Ex  –  Stonestampers Song   [Singles. Period. The Vinyl Years 1980-1990]
Dog Faced Hermans  –  Incineration   [Humans Fly]
Minutemen  –  Paranoid Chant    [Paranoid Time]
Rites Of Spring  –  All Through A Life
Husker Du  –  Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill    [New Day Rising]
Live Skull  –  Safe From Me    [Positraction]
Lungfish  –  Put Your Halo On    [Necklace Of Heads]
The Gun Club  –  Fire Spirit   [Fire Of Love]
Cheater Slicks  –  Savage Affection   [Whiskey]
Babes In Toyland  –  House   [Sub Pop 7″]
God Bullies  –  Plastic Eye Miracle/Red Blood   [Mama Womb Womb]
Killdozer  –  Cyst   [Little Baby Buntin’]
Pain Teens  –  Shock Treatment   [Destroy Me Lover]
Tad  –  Jack Pepsi   [Sub Pop 7″]
Hole  –  Dicknail   [Sub Pop 7″]
Bikini Kill  –  Rebel Girl   [Pussy Whipped]
L7  –  ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off   [Smell The Magic]
Cows  –  Heave Ho    [Cunning Stunts]
the Jesus Lizard  –  Mouth Breather   [FOUL:]
Unsane  –  Vandal-X   [Unsane]
Dinosaur Jr.  – In A Jar   [You’re Living All Over Me]
Art Phag  –  Mexico Death Song [Gods of Grunge]
Big Black  –  Il Duce
Fugazi –  Blueprint   [Repeater]
Come –  Car



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