Purple Bean


Gnomic new release on Modern Love, G H’s ‘Housebund Demigod’ apparently blends black metal and techno. Love the picture of the goat on cover. No streams I can find but the whole thing is on youtube for now if you want to check it out. It’s largely brooding ambience more than out and out banging. Expect it takes repeat listens in better quality to fully absorb but moody as the music is I can’t help feeling there’s a sly sense of humour just below the surface. This tune ‘Yorkshire Fog’ stood out because it features a cut up vocal of a yorkshireman speaking, among the repeated words and phrases are twin pronunciations of the word controversy, which it would be fun to see as a little Prince tribute, especially as the narrator sounds like Sean Bean. One does not simply party like it’s 1999. Is it just me who thinks the idea of Sean Bean hosting his own chatshow called ‘Bean’ is hilarious? He’d be like that goat there, vaguely menacing and staring implacably at his guests nonsense. happy tuesday party people.

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