careful, they’ll break your arm

well, we’ve been most tardy about this and no mistake. As far as our little camp was concerned Giant Swan were the find of the weekend at Supernormal. I don’t think we were alone either, nobody seemed to know who they were and they came out and absolutely killed it. Couple of hairy youngsters making a glorious noise with a table full of effects pedals and such. Reminded me a decent amount of early Holy Fuck or even Fuck Buttons, in fact I’m a bit surprised they aren’t called Giant Fucking Swan for good measure. Too nice for that sort of crass posturing I’d wager. Turns out they’re two members of Bristol’s The Naturals and this grew out of them rehearsing/improvising/dicking about. Their set is still mostly improvised and it’s great. All weekend the fine people of IMPATV (Islington Mill Public Access TV) were filming sets and so on – there’s a good few on the youtubes, I shall catch up on some I missed from the weekend myself – I recommend starting here though if you’ve not already. . .







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