All You Can Eat Texas Barbecue


A couple of terrifying rock dinosaurs of yesteryear go head to head on the new release schedules today. ZZ Top have a weird greatest-hits-recorded-all-around-the-world-on-their-last-tour album out and Meatloaf has finally made another record with Jim Steinman. Looking back now on our youth it seems weird that Top’s blues based Texas boogie and Meat’s overblown broadway via Spector pop were broadly considered to be in the same rock niche. I guess that tells you just how out of fashion anything ‘rock’ was in the 80’s mainstream or something. Despite which they were both huge and sold a mountian of records adorned with shiny fantasy vehicles and accompanied by preposterous videos. Now, ordinarily in a head to head with these two there ain’t no beating the beards but… live versions of the old hits with Gibbons failing voice and that damn stage jumping fool Jeff Beck guesting on the London numbers? hmmm. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Meat meanwhile has got back with the guy who wrote his only good songs and more importantly for us lovers of overwrought goth nonsense his record includes a version of the Sisters of Mercy’s ‘More’ which Eldritch wrote with Steinman for ‘Vision Thing’. Come on, you KNOW you want to hear that. Even though it’ll be terrible. Unfortunately it’s not yet made it to the yoootooobs but on the upside we can take the opportunity to share Oren Ambarchi’s fantastic reworking of ‘La Grange’. As I believe Reelfoot put it – all the riff goodness with none of the dubious sexual politics.



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