The ruminations of Mr Hecker

uncommonly skillful sound sculptor and world’s most avant garde Tim, Mr. Hecker has a new piece available for free download via the Adult Swim people. Obviously, it’s a lovely and intriguing piece of music and you should do well to go listen and download it forthwith. They do this sort of thing all the time and Hecker is an artist we particularly favour but we wouldn’t usually pass comment were it not for a curious serendipity with whihc it strikes. Earlier in the week a couple of discussions overlapped in my mind leading to a facetious proposal on my part. One was about drone and the relative ease, or otherwise, of making it. It seems a little crass as a description of Mr Hecker’s complex works but it no doubt plays its part. The other was about ubiquitous sonic menace the ‘millenial whoop’.  As the two conversations combined in my thoughts I suggested it might be interesting to hear a drone piece based on the alternating 3rd/5th interval. I’ve no idea if it has any actual bearing here but consider the slowly oscillating twin notes in the early section of ‘Veil Scans’ and if that’s not actually what it is I think it gives a reasonable approximation of the idea. Not often an idle thought such as that lands in your lap within such a short time. I’m still waiting to hear The Pet Shop Boys artfully neuter Bob Seger’s ‘Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll’ for example. Although I can hear Meatloaf cover Sisters Of Mercy. what days we live in friends.



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