literally just plants fam (Conversations About Not Eating Meat)

meat lichtenstein

How about some delicious skronk instead? Obviously we didn’t get to see Vegan Gang Bang at Supernormal because they don’t exist and were but one of an endless stream of foolish band names invented during what has become a peak weekend for a year round music nerds’ game. Here though we have an album title to match the name Defibrillator & Peter Brötzmann’s “Conversations About Not Eating Meat”. Like most such conversations it’s a combative experience, and like veganism it’s clearly not for everyone. Free jazz – delicious hot, disgusting cold as my dear old Nanna used to say. This is every awkward inch that experimental electronic freejazz avant garde racket you’ve been taught to fear. You wouldn’t listen to it in the background, first thing in the morning, or late at night but it is the sort of thing that might turn up on the Supernormal stage billed under one of our stupid made up names. Only much, much better. Brötzmann is a legend of european free jazz, a giant of fifty years standing and this is some face meltingly intense business. It’s really worth giving a go, swallow your prejudice and click on it, go on. There’s a promo video clip here full of moody images or you can check out three full tracks on bandcamp if you fancy.


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