cultural vandalism


Still a whole hundred days until christmas but here’s a lovely little present and perhaps a little help with writing that all important letter to Santa in the shape of a free download comp from the wonderful Riot Season. Unless you’re some kind of desperate completist obsessive who already has all these records you’re going to want this. Filthy, rockin’ sludge in a variety of flavours from the last couple of years of their releases and a couple of old gems from Hey Colossus and Dethscalator. Shit $ Shine channel Big Stick on their latest effort, there’s raw noisy punk rock from Workin’ Man Noise Unit and Tropical Trash, huge psych slabs from Blown Out, Khunnt and Sloath, the ridiculously great Bad Guys, Henry Blacker,  Menimals, Early Mammal, Dodge Meteor, Mainliner + the furious Art Of Burning Water. The whole thing stinks of diesel and coats your hands in something hard to wash off. Bargain.

we should thank Revolt Of The Apes for this great Hey Colossus tech schematic…




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