Krautrock, Don’t Stop


Underground Guerilla Krautrock! Camera are a Berlin band known for their unscheduled performances in the city’s U-Bahn stations. Only a moments reflection is required to see how they form a fitting soundtrack, think of Warm Digits’ ‘Interchange’ project and you’ve found your way to the right platform. I’ve been a little slow out of my chair on this one, Camera having played in London the other night and, not that anyone should care what goes on in that there London or what, if anything, pops up on here, it would have nonetheless have been nice to post it in good time. Still, I suppose if I hadn’t mentioned it you probably wouldn’t know. I have been listening to this record a fair bit lately but got distracted by the not entirely unrelated Cavern Of Anti-Matter, who’ve also been busy having Tomaga support them in that London the other day too. That’s my excuse, more about that later but Camera would have been a remarkable addition to the bill. They draw on their obvious predecessors like Neu! and La Dusseldorf but wear the influence lightly and their old guitarist now plays in Michael Rother’s touring band so I think we can call that approval. They might not be reinventing the motorik wheel here but they are making some beautifully crafted versions of it. Lovely understated guitar parts and warm, elegant synths unfurl over a pleasing pulse for most of the record although there are gentler moments and ‘Nevermine’ rattles along like it’s going to jump the metaphorical rails. The first tune ends with a sample of a puzzled chap enquiring ‘have you heard of viking Metal?’ and the final one with a clip from a radio transmission regarding the re-entry of Apollo 13. Space, always space. You can’t help feeling a sense of mischief in those choices and possibly in the reimagining of ‘In The Court Of The Crimson King‘ on the cover. If you liked that Radar Men From The Moon record I posted a little while ago you should definitely give this one a try too.




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