NOMEANSNO unplugged


Greetings everybody, John here from NMN and with a heavy heart I must announce the retirement of No Means No. A hiatus became a long hiatus and a lingering hiatus has become a permanent one. Thirty-five years and countless miles, a couple thousand shows and many more beers, a bunch of tunes and sweaty hoards of great fans, I can’t say thanks enough to everyone.I will continue to post here on our page about the Robots and future projects if and when they happen. Hoping to have the debut Compressorhead album out by next march so you have not heard the last of things yet. So cheers everyone! Raise a glass….xo

only so many songs can be sung it seems…. If we’re brutally honest, and they’d expect nothing less, it’s been 10 years since they made a record and 20 years or so since I last saw Nomeansno and even back then they were showing their age (it was the double drummer line up, they finished on a pummelling ‘Joyful Reunion’ it was amazing). So it’s no real surprise this day has come but it still seems a shame to see them bow out. Recent reports and youtube evidence suggest they were still a formidable live experience and it sort of seemed like they’d be there forever, they’d come back around and there’d be one more chance to see ’em. Almost certainly the most inventive and unique hardcore punk band, a juggernaut driven by the Wright brothers fierce rhythm section which is, um, illustrated nicely by the unusual clip at the top there without any bass or drums on it. There’s a career spanning intro/best of ‘The People’s Choice’ on their bandcamp but the best thing they ever did, the ‘if you’re only going to buy one’ one to get is 1991’s ‘Live & Cuddly’. Like ‘It’s Alive’ or ‘No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith’ a live album that’s always the first thing you reach for when you think of the bands that made them. It captures them at the peak of their powers across a few dates in Holland with Andy Kerr still in the band. I’ll admit my interest began to wane a little after he left, they lost their way for a while, he ended up in Holland himself and occasionally does this – TWOPINDIN. The internet being what it is, some enterprising soul has stitched together all the footage they can find from one of those shows and that’s here for your enjoyment – often with Kerr’s face right up in the camera which is ironic as he used to always hide his face in promo shots and use aliases on the record credits. So it goes. Be Strong. Be Wrong.






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