robot rock


Were you both lucky and wealthy enough to get Kraftwerk tickets this morning then, or are you a mere weak human skinbag like the rest of us? I for one welcome our new robot overlords. Here’s a couple of other upsetting advances in robot music technology. ‘Mr Shadow’ is an Artificial Intelligence composition by something Sony have created called Flow Machine. It is in the style of Duke Ellington/Cole Porter allegedly. It’s one of two tracks to have recently popped up ahead of a whole album of stuff for next year. The other one is a horrible, if fairly canny, Beatles pastiche that had human input on the lyrics and vocals and such. Not sure about this one but it takes a few odd enough turns to possibly be entirely computer written, the last minute or so is pretty fun…

Compressorhead meanwhile are an actual band of musician robots designed in Berlin who are now working with Jon Wright of Nomeansno on original material. Here’s a clip of them doing some 25 year old arena rock classic…

Elsewhere in the history of computer music it seems code cracking genius Alan Turing had a bit of a primitive early crack at that too. read more on that here 



rise robots!


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