the devil’s music (tastes like chicken)


So this month I’ve been kickstarting my mornings with too much coffee and this joyful noise. What we have here is some mighty greasy, family size bucket of doom riffs in finger lickin’ sludge, and all for a bargain $3 deal too (now the same as £3, thanks fearless Brexiteers!) Clouds Taste Satanic, I hardly need to point out, adapt their name from a Flaming Lips record and clearly don’t take the portentous imagery usually found swirling like thick, heady smoke around the music they play very seriously. This lack of seriousness has the knock on effect of really shabby artwork but perhaps saves them from going post metal earnest, putting a moody photo on the cover and naming the tracks out of philosophy course books/office stationers catalogues. What with Hallowe’en poking it’s leering pumpkin face over the fence we all need a little bit of comedy satan around this month don’t we? They managed to namecheck both Sleep and Earth in the title of their first record in case you were wondering where they were coming from. Since the two monster tracks of that debut the compositions have got shorter and more concise, the pace is quicker than such influences might suggest. This is, in a way, the very best kind of metal there is, instru-metal. Obviously there are exceptions all over the shop but all types of amazing music is lost to me behind wailing, spandex-clad fools and growling cookie monster vocalists who think they’re scary. Shut up. You’re the worst thing about the band. Clouds thankfully don’t look to replace the vocals with showboating guitar solo nonsense either, yeah you can shut up too – you’re the second worst thing about the band. Traditional band fronting ego-maniacs shoved aside no wheels are being re-invented here, but there are also no dragging sections you endure for the eventual sonic pay-off just one great riff after another. ‘Just Another Animal’ stomps into action in the same way ‘Iron Man’ does so yes, it’s basically Sabbath worship and cycles back to the very primordial swamp from which all that is metal first oozed. I don’t see any problem with that, it’s fucking great and should have you involuntarily banging your head and throwing up the horns like the pathetic adolescent that deep down you still are. \m/




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