Get Ya Nut ‘Round This, You Mugs


so, leaking in from the debris cooking on the overheated parcel shelf in the back of my brain – you know how Ron Perlman would be the perfect actor to play Tom Waits? And how Freddie Mercury’s old rolls royce with his own man-sized box of tissues is up for auction? (no, really) And Depeche Mode just announced they are touring the whole universe next year? And I just can’t shake how often Grumbling Fur’s new record, with the venn diagram on the cover there, reminds me of Depeche? (it’s mostly the vocal harmonies, don’t get yr panties in a wad) I gave in to the serendipitous pressures of the universe and while watching a live clip of ‘I Feel You’ (always a tune) noted Dave’s descent into ever more exaggerated rock god showboating and realised he is, in fact, Freddie Mercury as played by Danny Dyer.
I’m not happy about this, I’m just saying.



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