Say, what’s that you’re listening to there? (Bub’s Mixtape)

dotd_bubPanic & Carousels Episode 20 – Day Of The Dead

okay then, so despite vaguely wondering about the idea for about 5 mins, no new ‘spooky hits’ hallowe’en mix caper has been forthcoming this year. Fairly sure some sort of new mix/podcast will eventually materialise but for now here’s a Day Of The Dead collection of uneasy moods and drones and general disquiet and such from a few years back. Do the zombie dance! As I recall I played that Gatekeeper track at Supernormal this year for some reason – it’s one of the more upbeat fun numbers in this set, followed by the still, frankly, upsetting White Noise. There’s loads of other great stuff from your favoured doom mongers including Shackleton sampling ‘The Spirit Of Dark and Lonely Water’ and Leyland Kirby with his Stranger hat on, ending with the wonderful John Carpenter – currently out wowing the people with a live review of his film music and dad dancing – get with it daddio. As for Zombie overlord Georgio Romero, he’s been claiming it’s all over (chewed or stumbled over the shark or something) and who can argue with him?

here’s some more, although still incomplete, info for you as well as the Dark and Lonely Water clip so you can play it over the top at your own discretion – several minutes grim fun to be had there I think you’ll find…

Hype Williams  –  Existential Flux  (The Attitude Era, Free download, 2012 )
Christian Vogel  –  Commence  (Eselsbrucke,  SubRosa, 2013)
Gatekeeper  –  Chains   (Giza, Merok, 2010)
White Noise –  The Visitation  (An Electric Storm, Island records, 1969)
Umberto  –  Confrontation  (Confrontations, Not Not Fun, 2013)
Propergol  –  Torquemada  (Paradise Land, Tesco Organisation, 2012)
Shackleton  –  The Branch Is Weak  (Soundboy’s Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals,  Skull Disco, 2008)
Haxan Cloak  –  Burning Torches Of Despair   (The Haxan Cloak, Aurora Borealis, 2011)
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement  –  Abaxial Masks With Sockets Closed To Hide The Face When The Destroyer Comes  (The Plant With Many Faces, Hospital Productions, 2013)
The Stranger  –  We Scarcely See Sunlight  (Watching Dead Empires In Decay, Modern Love,  2013)
Postdrome  –  Disintegration  (Where The King Will Land, 2013)
Scorn –  Orgy Of Holiness  (Vae Solis, Earache, 1992 )
Moongazing Hare  –  Swastika Ponies March  (The Sunderland Wreck, drowning, 2012)
Deaf Center  –  The Day I Would Never Have  (Owl Splinters, Type, 2011)
Christian Vogel  –  Ballad  (Eselsbrucke, SubRosa, 2013)
Lustmord  –  Item  (Juggernaut, hydra head, 2007 )
Prurient  –  Hell Is Real  (African Division, Hospital Productions, 2005)
Demdike Stare  –  Grows Without Bound  (Test Pressings,  Modern Love,  2013)
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel  –  The Secret Door  (Oust, SicSic, 2013)
John Carpenter  –  Shape Escapes (Halloween OST, )



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