Road Scholars

pic - Samantha Hayley


Even a mighty colossus needs to take a break for a cuppa and a fistful of biscuits every now and then. Having damn near herniated themselves delivering the two best records of their career in 2015 this year has been a pretty quiet one by comparison for our most beloved noise rock gentlemen. Not any longer, a heartening flurry of activity is picking up. By way of some kind of teaser/gift because they love us they put a couple of versions of tunes from ‘Eurogrumble’ on the bandcamps there. Recorded live in the studio during the making of the last album you can download them spiky little beasts on the pay what you will plan. Say ‘Thank You Hey Colossuses! It’s true you Are Nice Men’. Next month a retrospective ‘best of’ the first 10 years sees a vinyl release on MIE. ‘Dedicated to Uri Klangers’ first appeared as a joke/cassette for their 10th anniversary show and contains tracks from all the records up to ‘Cuckoo Live Like Cuckoo’ including the mammoth, mythic and amusingly entitled ‘Witchfinder General Hospital’.

Follow the band’s giddying journey all the way from its sludgy noise splatter infancy up to pristine pop smash ‘Hot Grave’ and the inevitable birth of boy band alter ego Henry Blacker. It’s a tale as thrilling as Jersey Boys and yet as old as time. Probably. A lot of this stuff is hard to find now, (and most of what’s left has been flying out of their webstore) so it looks like being a handy treat. Some of it I’ve never heard, some of it I can’t even track down and some I’m digging back out for a listen. Can’t find my copy of ‘RRR’ which is annoying me today. Seems the second edition of Cuckoo…’ with the groovy 3D sleeve is about sold out. In a weak moment I made my black and white one 3D with the highlighter pens off Miss Hoover’s desk. The results were disappointing I confess. In even more up to the minute news they’ve been off touring Europe while we’re still allowed over there and a new record is due in spring. rocking good news.

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