How The Light Gets In


The sad news of Leonard Cohen’s passing has this morning pushed Trump’s election to one side for the world’s media. Would that it were both more permanent and more true. His work is, his words are. Wisdom, stillness, humanity. What is there to write about a man whose writing was so considered, so concise? A deluge of tributes and such are coming but if you know, or even if you don’t, none will be any match for his own. Quotes shall abound and loud ‘Hallelujah’s’ but his words are too strong to be made small by that. There’s a temptation always to make Cohen heroic, a near mythical figure in a thousand black and white photographs, with his granite carved face and poet’s props – hats, coffee and cigarettes, wine and women. But it’s his humanity that makes his words so resonant for us all, so timeless and so timely. So I picked a couple of colour ones where he looks like he’s starring in a 70’s cop show or a friend of your parents toasting your health. Thanks Leonard. Here’s a version of a vision of ‘The Future’ from what may well have been his last ever performance, and a tune from his great new record that seems to hit the target this week.



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