Sunday Sunergy

California sunrise and the lapping tides of the Pacific ocean? Meditating on the planet’s rhythms to lengthy, hypnotic, freeform synth pieces? A polar opposite to that 23 minute long pieces in 23 minutes, here’s two twenty minute long pieces. Younger me would be appalled at such hippy indulgences, but we all grow and learn and times change. After a rough week, in a rough year, we could all do with some calming I suspect. Concentrate on your breath – in, out, repeat. Two generations of synthesists come together to cook up this treat. Don Buchla, inventor of the equipment they’re using here and apparently a friend and neighbour of Ciani’s passed away in September. It’s nice to think he lived long enough to see his work survive the digital tide and make a return. Surgeon also uses Buchla’s gear and has a second installment of his ‘Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle‘ due out in December – in many ways a similar or at least complementary project.

This is great and beautiful and if you’re thinking ‘he doesn’t know what to say about it’ you’d be right really. This post has been sat unfinished since before Buchla’s death and I come back to the music now and then and let it wash over me. It helps to push the world away or bring a broader perspective, some weeks that’s more necessary than others. Here’s the thing, 2017 is now less than 50 days away, briefly cause for celebration that this year’s unending skip fire of misery was over, but a quick squint in the crystal ball and chicken guts suggests we might look back fondly on 2016 before we see summer. The season of lists and advent countdowns is upon us. The list making half of Hickeysonic will be busy. I’m the less organised half, I don’t see how you order these things but in a weak moment I thought I’d set myself the insane target of putting up something for each of those days forming a disordered 50 good things from 2016. True to form I’m already a couple of days behind. We can call this 50 if you want.



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