“All you dumb fuckers asleep on your feet.
Like an ox who loves the plow you crumble and repeat.”

1280x1280Are you feeling angry? Do you like noise rock? I have something for you. Google friendly noise trio Whores. are from Atlanta and they are here to kick yr ass and melt your face. This track at the top is my current spleen venting favourite. It was originally put out on one of Am Rep’s ‘Dope, Guns and fucking in the streets’ sets last year. It more than lives up to the big boots it fills and now appears on their just released first album ‘Gold’. It has a gold trashcan on the cover, what more do you want? Imagine if Henry Blacker were American and furious rather than three nice blokes from the west country. Imagine if Steve Albini had not mellowed and Shellac made a record that burned with the fierce intensity of Big Black rather than being a formal exercise in the workings of Rock. Maybe not that good, but y’know – pretty damn good. They’re touring with Red Fang and Torche if you need more pointers, better than either of them in my book. They have a nice line in titles too, check ‘I See You Are also Wearing A Black T-Shirt’ below, or  ‘I Am Not A Goal Oriented Person’. There’s a couple of early EP’s on their bandcamp, both worth checking out. ‘Gold’ is carefully honed. It sounds fantastic, crisp and clean and bright – plenty of noise but none of the murk you sometimes get in noise rock, maybe that’s what got me thinking about Albini. It doesn’t drag or overstay its welcome either, there are no crawling sludge doom epics here for once. Their songs are short, sharp, fast and brutal. Just over a half hour of blistering sonic therapy. I recommend it.



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