when the cold wind blows, and the air is damp with fear. . .

Donald Trump Makes Announcement At Trump Tower

Today’s throwback Thursday earworm then, regards the president elect’s spectacular failure to ‘drain the swamp’ as he put it, of elite influence in Washington instead appointing a cabal of terrifying vested Wall street interests and professional climate change deniers. in the swamp. So, this doesn’t need spelling out for you does it? There’s more here than the word ‘Swamp’. There’s that fierce and helpless emotion after which this band were named and more. I remember this as a really great performance on The Tube. Stands up to the vagaries of decaying video I think. There’s bonus Jools at the start and Bowie teaser at the end. how on point. Of course ‘Big Decision’ probably clangs even louder with current events. “businessmen get richer, individuals stronger” is unlikely to sound quaint and outdated for a while if ever. The chant AGITATE, EDUCATE, ORGANISE one that needs to get louder. Like The Blue Aeroplanes, TPE seemed to exist apart from other bands, in their own world, older and with better record collections. Trying to blend Pere Ubu, WAR, Foetus and Sonic Youth with pop songs about politics while all about them gentle souls strummed wetly about love and tried to blend the Beatles and The Velvets. Again. They were an incredible and ecstatic esperience live.

In ‘you won’t believe what happened to these 80’s indie rock stars!’ click bait news…The majority of the final line up now have a thing called The Everlasting Yeah. It’s good but somehow not great and they do miss Steve on vocals. He went home to Seattle and fronted a band called Stag, kind of a power pop/glam, Cheap Trick, Big Star sort of thing. They do it well, I expect they’re fun live. They have a pretty great dumb song about a synthesizer.



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