‘You stupid, vulgar, greedy, ugly American death-suckers.’


Happy Thanksgiving ‘Murika, Brother Burroughs leads us in prayer ahead of the feast. . . makes a change to switch from Ballard to WSB if not a stretch. Two sides of the same coin in many ways. Thirty years have passed since Uncle Bill penned this jaundiced litany of American ‘acheivement’. It rings true as ever, if not more so for this phenomenal horrorshow of a year. The sense of desperate panic and alarm at what has been uncovered in every think piece article looking for a scapegoat – Burroughs pretty much always saw it this way, he’d be appalled but unsurprised by events you expect.

Thanks for the AMERICAN DREAM to vulgarize and falsify until the bare lies shine through…
. .  Thanks for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams.

Up at the top there is a piece of Burroughs’ work called ‘Star Spangled Banner’. Beneath are some of Keith Haring’s from their ‘Apocalypse’ collaboration. ‘Success will write apocalypse across the sky’.

Down at the bottom there, some more comic wisdom from Burroughs in ‘Why I Stopped Wanting to be President’


‘loathsome mis-shapen bulbous plants spring from their bones.’


burroughs.jpeg w=450



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