black is the colour, of my true loves soul


once more with (empty) feeling. Black mix from earlier now with bargain bonus download and tracklist – 30% more bleak than previous offer – it was going to have a more upbeat companion as well – Black Flag, Frank Black, Big Black and so on. but….meh maybe next year . . .

Black Meditation

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath [instrumental]
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – The Dead Flag Blues
Kuedo – Broken Fox – Black Hole
Zomby – Black Rose
Black Sabbath – FX
Shapednoise – Black Cells
The Bug – Black Rain Dub ft Flowdan
Black Rain & Shapednoise – Autonomous Lethality
Black Rain – Data River
The Black Dog – Non Linear Information Life
Grumbling Fur – Black Egg
Black Dice – Things Will Never Be the Same
Genus Inkasso – Black Site Confessional
Black Sites – MOCKBA
Black To Comm – Spiralen Der Erinnerung
Headless Horseman -Her Black Wings
Vatican Shadow – Remember Your Black Day
Byetone – Black Peace
Ekoplekz – Black Calkz
Jeff Mills – Black Cosmic Space
Locrian & Mamiffer – In Fulminic Black
Gnaw Their Tongues – From the Black Mouth of Spite
Skullflower – Temple Three: Shards Of Black Rotor Blades
Primitive Man – Black Smoke
Swans – Black Eyed Dog
Sylvain Rifflet – Black Hole (Live)
Mount Vernon Arts Lab -The Black Drop
Richard Skelton – Black Combe
Svarte Greiner – The Black Dress
Tim Hecker – Black Refraction
Pye Corner Audio – Transmission Nine:Black Light
Locust – Sky Black Horses
Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Black Umbrella
Ital – Black Dust
The KLF – Six Hours To Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold
The Osborne Brothers – The Black Sheep Returned To The Fold
Alastair Galbraith – A View To Endless Black
Mika Vainio – Fade From Black




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