Dean Blunt heads over to Benidorm


Dean ‘wtf now Dean?’ Blunt has a typically gnomic new video piece up to amuse and provoke us. ‘Benidorm’ certainly shakes off the winter frost with an apparently sunny demeanour. A slightly imposing seven minutes long the track is made up of a series of short mood pieces, like a soundtrack or library music suite and it’s accompanied by a series of images from wiki how. So far, so random. A note claims it will not be on ‘Black Metal 2’ nominal follow up to his 2014 album. It packs a surprising amount into those seven minutes, feeling short by the time you get to the end. The images come from tutorials on how to remove and create dreadlocks. The repeating window and vent images are slightly Lynchian, the zooming in on still drawings just the vaguest little bit Studio Ghibli. We see a black guy remove his, followed by a white screen for a full segment of the track and then a white girl dread her hair. Not that gnomic then perhaps. There’s some Spanish guitar, maybe that’s why ‘Benidorm’. Perhaps he’s a big fan of the TV show? Or it could be the town is synonymous with the very crassest ‘little englander abroad’ behaviour, and our relationship with Europe is, hmmm, strained? very much at the forefront of thoughts this year? something.





from Jeanette Baxter –  J.G. Ballard and The Contemporary

Ballard’s ‘The Largest Theme Park In The World’ was first published in The Guardian in 1989, it is collected in ‘War Fever’


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