Kate ‘n’ Theresa (+ Clare. And Wednesday)

Before The Dawn, Out Now!!!

Before The Dawn, Out Now!!!

If you’re the sort of delicate flower that has been more than just disappointed, but actually psychically harmed in some inexpressable way by isolated millionaire Kate Bush expressing a vague support for Oberführer May then let us ease your pain slightly. If you also spent a half-goth youth floating pale, sullen, and enigmatically along to This Mortal Coil then so much the better. Embrace your dark heart and inner Wednesday. For Clare Brentnall of Manchester dream pop duo Shield Patterns has that kind of voice. Those magic-ethereal-hippy-goth girl voices. She and partner, label boss Richard Knox, have made an absolutely splendid record here, experimental and melodic in loosely familiar vein. Damn near impossible to write about, deep breath…

“A stirring thrilling intimate and touching album full of emotion gorgeously haunting vocals /an ethereal experience/ the beauty of a glacier/ something very, very special /spectral memories and somber incantation/ Haunting, hypnotic and disquieting a deeply moving haunting experience/ Hypnotic and enveloping impressionist strokes of sound…
“angular chamber music with dream-pop variations”

did we say haunting? As much as I can’t help mocking that cut up of reviews from their site really does capture it, and it’s good too – so enjoy.

Brentnall also teams up with the restless Aidan ‘Nadja’ Baker for a forthcoming release ‘Delirious Things’ to kick off 2017. Also on Gizeh as part of a ‘Dark Peak’ series. Here Baker abandons his trusty guitar to tinker with a synth and his effects and she brings the lovely floating haunting vocals. It’s a little reminiscent of Cranes. Remember them? I bloody loved Cranes me.



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