Red Triangles/Blue Circles/Portland Vows


Tardiness is really kind of my forté, (if I might just get in on the fancy french accented é bandwagon a moment) but if I don’t step lively I’m going to miss the bus out of Preston’s elegantly brutalist station here. Concrète Tapes  is a little over a year old, we have mentioned them before but not often enough I feel. This Portland Vows release is, by common consent around Hickeysonic manor, the best thing they’ve put out so far. It’s gentle, charming and gorgeous but it’s hard to say much about it that the precis on bandcamp doesn’t already have covered –

Debut album by philosopher and electronica obsessive Bob Plant: 6 tracks of lush ambience, by turns mournful and haunting, hypnotic, uplifting and euphoric – cerebral, minimalist soundscapes that reward close listening.

yep, it’s all that. and evocative and sort of comforting too. There’s no jarring, clanking or scraping business here, no scratchy field recording or such like, just a warm blanket of synth sounds to doze off under. It’s very, very good indeed basically. Originally available on this year’s must have redundant format – cassette tape – for a bit but they’re all gone by now. You’ll just have to have some soulless files like some sort of despicably modern space future type person – ugh, you disgust me. It has lovely printed red triangles on the cover. They are not christmas trees though. Just as well. Nonetheless, the current disastrous attempt at a last 50 days of 2016/advent countdown/best of the year/post a day whatever would have been well served by it appearing for Dec 1st. but here we are. A jolly wee elf tells me we may see more from him in 2017. which’ll be nice. You could watch this space but I expect watching their website or following them on bandcamp would serve you the information more punctually.

Today, Concrète are involved in a splendid looking event, a couple of performances of Steve Reich’s ‘In C’ at the Harris Museum in Preston – you’ll need to be quick or local if you want to be there but I’m hoping recorded evidence of somekind will appear later in the week.

they also, being staffed entirely by jolly wee elves, have a christmas party coming up look HERE featuring Yehoshua of their most recent-ish release renown…



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