Hark, the Heavenly Morphic Collider


Today in the advent countdown conundrum two chunky slabs of mind melting, tape warping, sound collage. Free/pay as you like from that nice Stuart Chalmers chap in collaboration with Autotistika. It’s not one to play when you get the neighbours round for a mince pie, much more musique concrete than that lovely Portland Vows tape although it has plenty of delicate moments too. Quite how it has been created I’m not clear, does it matter? Chalmers tends to use a plunderphonic approach and there are certainly moments of stolen voices and so on, but a lot of it could be hardware, have they improvised this in an afternoon? or made it by file swapping? It really doesn’t matter does it? Not that I can see. Have a listen, go along with them. Whether it ever reaches a pitch of actual ‘Ecstatika’ might depend on how loud you play it and how drunk you are at the time but it’s definitely fun and surprising and occasionally disconcerting. Much like December then I suppose. Chin. chin.




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