Throbbing Mistletoe


Weren’t we just saying the other day that Concrete Tapes was run by jolly wee elves? Pretty sure I was – here’s an unexpected and thoughtful gift from them for the season, a 10 track sampler in handsome cassette or seasonally benevolent ‘name your price’ for a download. Kicks off with a new Portland Vows tune which ought to be enough, but it also has new stuff from people they’ve released so far and things to come in the second year. The deceptively simple cover art is as fitting and elegant as usual – is it a disco ball? a xmas bauble? a sprout? the last of the maltesers? or the dark void in your heart? think on. A selection box of handmade electronic wonky treats, some ambience, some beats, some krautrock too. Christmas wise the most festive of the tunes here is St James Infirmary’s twinklingly lovely reworking of Richard Dawson’s ‘Wooden Bag’, he’s set to be one of the new artists on the label next year. Tuck in and have a listen, you can read more about each track over at their own site


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