Happy 70th Patti Smith

Patti Smith by Jesse Dittmar

These days, you’re afraid to even mention your love for an icon of advancing years for fear they be struck down – but let’s get in and celebrate before we eventually need to mourn – Patti Smith is 70 today, bless her soul. In the time she was absent from performing music Patti was an incredibly important artist to me, a whole world that opened up before me. Her welcome return has produced records I can largely take or leave if I’m honest but it’s clear she has remained an amazingly vital and engaged performer. I didn’t get to see her this year but the footage of her Glastonbury appearance and others show a woman still full of the fire that made her so great 40 years ago. Her recent performance in honour of Dylan’s nobel prize has rightly gone viral for showing the very human qualities that always made her great. Here’s a clip from earlier this year, her and Lenny modelling the future for PJ Harvey and James Johnston in Hyde park – it’s brilliant.




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