Listen Without Prejudice

Rolling on with today’s outpouring of love and nostalgia something a little unlikely. Seriously though, this is the absolute fucking business – wild, brutal, noisy and exploratory blues rock of the sort that’s currently tremendously fashionable in the underground, unlike the band themselves of course, although Grey Hairs posted to facebook “RIP to the quadruple-denim downstroke warlord Rick Parfitt.” and are not alone in fessing up to their love and debt. If you like all those riot season/hominid sounds bands whose albums are four massive slabs of riff and drone you’ll love this – if anyone had closed out Supernormal with a set like this we’d be praising them to the heavens and back. But this performance was not in a tiny field but the N.E.C. (which could comfortably hold the whole of Supernormal) from a 20th anniversary show in front of royalty and broadcast by the BBC. Ridiculous. Footage of most of that gig is up on youtube, you can see why this maybe didn’t get broadcast although I remember it being on a crappy tape I made off of Tommy ‘TV on the Radio’ Vance’s Friday Night Rock Show. This was the most incredible bit of it for me – How were they even doing that? What was it?  I bought a few of their records but, some solid riffs aside, was always disappointed by them, too clean and tidy, nothing to match this raw and puzzling mess of noise, I went and found bands where this was more the rule than the exception I suppose. Rick Parfitt’s death has occasioned a listen to it for the first time since the 80’s and, like I say, it’s incredible. R.I.P. Rick.


oh come on, he'd have laughed




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