Things To Make And Do

how’s your year going? sat twiddling your shaky dry-uary thumbs? here’s a little craft project to get busy with. Austin, Texas loop/drone wizard Amulets talks you calmly through the ‘it’s hardly brain surgery’ process of making a good old fashioned tape loop. why not? what else are you doing? can’t be arsed, just have a listen to his efforts – here’s the most recent (last month) crop from his bandcamp page, which has tonnes of stuff and below that a clip of a loop playing on a lovely red portastudio. there are also clips of his full set up in the ‘suitcase of drone’ if you’re into that sort of thing. Now, there’s definitely a little bit of a hipster artisanal cupcake vibe to the endeavour, when you consider you can probably make something more complex on a phone app now, but then why not? phone apps ain’t got knobs and swiches do they. phone apps got no soul. when the comms satellites fail we’ll all have to make do and mend our own tape hiss drones.

tdkd-c120tape copy


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