nostalgia for obsolete futures


coam-copyCavern Of Anti Matter’s ‘Void Beats/Invocation Trex’ was way up there on my list, should I have bothered with one, of favourite records last year – and they were great live too. Although it was apparently their ‘debut’ record their previous first album ‘Blood Drums’ is reissued today. Originally a limited run of double vinyl it’s now a triple (because flipping the record over is the best part) and also on CD for the first time (because flipping the records over is rubbish). No double cassette brick sadly – suck it up hipsters. Their charmingly shambolic efforts to promote this come down to the Norman records mail out and their own facebook I think – their website seems to have gone and the original release is no longer streamable on bandcamp. On the other hand it appears they may have been using subliminal ‘in shoe’ marketing/merch to reach their aging core audience, let’s face it twenty minute kraut-tech workouts are great but it’s a long time to be standing, with our knees, these days. Blood drums (in my temples if I take the stairs too quickly). The title track and one of the records pop smash moments still streamable here on soundcloud if you’re curious.



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