movin on static tomatoes

the other day I was goin on about the reissue of ‘Blood Drums’ and how Cavern Of Anti Matter’s site had vanished and whatever. well, it’s very much THERE now, probably always was, I was just clicking an old German address or something like the fool that I am. On the upside the “I know that!” strummed chords of ‘Movin On Static’ continued to drive me crazy for a bit until I realised it’s pretty much ‘Sliced Tomatoes’. You can start singin “right about now, the funk soul brother…” yourself and marring your own and others enjoyment now.

elsewhere in ‘that sounds a bit like that’ news….

something in the vocal. A state of affairs suggesting a Venn diagram in which Fever Ray’s cover of Nick’s version (actually written by Anita Lane) is the middle section. It’s not borne out by listening to it though. I doubt Karin would be so crass.  and so on and so on


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