I Just Want You To Stay


This record seemed to arrive on the morning after the referendum result last year, and the title ‘I Just Want You To Stay’ seemed almost too serendipitous to bear. A scouring but soothing way to wash off the fatigue of it. I have to admit it’s that issue of european identity that pulls it back into focus again now. Actually released a month before, in May 2016, and recorded the previous September in Japan there’s even less reason for the actual music to be tied to this whole farce than to its disquieting and slightly contentious cover image of a dog but, here we are. Two giant slabs of drifting, cycling, guitars and effects magic from two giants of improvisation, two thirds of Fenn O’Berg. Music like weather and sea, the listener a tiny boat bobbing on the waves. Storm clouds over the channel – here’s a thing, how hard could it be to find an image of the stormy sky off the coast of the UK, an island nation? If I lived there I’d be taking them every day just to see the light change, indeed when I visit I often feel compelled to and am never sure why I did when I look at the results. The weather’s a national obsession and yet all of them are covered in stock photo decals and logos as if a camera allows you to own the sky, as if it wasn’t always there, always changing, limitless. Click on the, admittedly impressive, pic at the top for a bunch more lightning photos at a site where they didn’t bother with that crap.



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