Forgetting Everything


So January is done, didn’t go all that well if we’re honest about it, and February is here. The grimmest, coldest,meanest but also, thankfully, shortest of months. Here to bring cheer a free if you want it mixtape from Paul White who’s been doing the tunes and twiddling the knobs for Danny Brown on last year’s celebrated ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ and their forthcoming single. This is a bunch of half fleshed out bits and bobs scraped up into an attractive pile – it moves quickly, squeezing a lot into a half hour, it’s sample packed and it’s pretty upbeat too. All yours for nothing, which is nice. You might have heard tomorrow bandcamp are going to donate their take from sales to the ACLU to fight the cheeto menace – so hold your fire on buying anything tonight and go with this if you just can’t wait. Never did listen to that new Avalanches record but this is how I imagine the best bits of it to be.



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