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Hickeysonic posts a LOT of bandcamp links, in fact it’s about all we do really – it’s a great platform for new music, you can check it out and often buy direct from the artists if you like it – what’s not to like about that? You might have heard that today, as a Stand in Support Of Immigrants/Basic Human Values they are donating their portion of any sales to the American Civil Liberties Union to fight against this intolerant fucking nonsense. So today is the day if you want to go order or download something from them – since the announcement over 150 labels and bands have joined them in donating today’s profits including sub pop, merge, ANTI- and Kill Rock Stars. full list here. It’s a small but very worthwhile thing so we’re just going to post a bunch more bandcamp links than usual for your consideration. or you could just  donate direct to the aclu if you want .

First thing that comes to mind is Bruxa Maria‘s fantastic and totally fierce debut from last year ‘Human Condition’. This is either because they made ‘Socially Cleansed’ a free download with a ‘Refugees Welcome’ cover, or because I was listening to it yesterday. Or both. Post hardcore, noise rock greatness in all manner of new shapes, it’s brutal, brilliant and filled with righteous fire 

Emptyset‘s new one ‘Borders’ just came out last week and seems an obvious choice too. Building two new instruments and playing them live through a bunch of analogue processing it is, on the one hand a cerebral electro acoustic noise record. on the other, it still has a mugful of techno in its dna and is warm, organic and instantly engaging. Possibly they’ve found some kind of midpoint between Pauline Oliveros and Perc – I bet it sounds incredible on headphones on a walk up a mountain

Our beloved Riot Season, whose T-shirt I’m wearing right now have got a back catalogue full of treats as well as a preorder for a new Blown Out opus, a new bunch of noisy of Japanese Psych rock mentals and officially out today Krause – ‘2am thoughts’ Athenian Am Rep noise rock style business that kicks the sludge off its boots and motors off at a furious pace knocking over anything fool enough to get in its path. Almost certain to be amazing live 

In a similarly filthy, noisy vein, the also wonderful Hominid Sounds have a decent stack of releases to show for their first six months or so including this chaotic breakneck splurge from Death Pedals – described by Reelfoot as “every song is like a race to the end and you’re not sure they’re all going to get there”, there’s a bit more hardcore in their recipe than Krause’s and they push down even harder on the accelerator. bracing.

Leaving behind 90’s noise rock for more soothing 90’s techno experiments Running On Air is a wonderful time capsule. I’m never sure anymore whether to believe these tales of dusted down and newly issued old recordings, or whether they’re just exercises in analogue nostalgia and fake identity, there’s certainly hauntology at work here, “a unique document of the times  . . .  Civil unrest, insidious state surveillance, the searing blaze of toddling microchip technology, lingering post-Cold War paranoia, the abandonment of the natural world, machines with ambition, humans honing their steel-cold egotism, beautiful relationships in a world championing the moody lone ranger”  but I’m inclined to give this the benefit of the doubt on that front. Not that it really matters – it’s a lovely record. Didn’t we used to call this sort of thing armchair techno? Electronic music for home listening more than the dancefloor, it’s not ambient its too busy for that but it is gentle. Sonically rich and multi-layered, got melodies and such too and, delightfully, that Gorfian robot voice is in there as well. ‘More than Machine’ is the real pick of the crop and starts in with skittery beats and Orbitalesque chords before a lovely vibraphone sounding melody and some Stephen Hawking voice simulator recitations. It’s a total winner. Patterned Air is just a year old and just has a preorder, no samples, up for their fourth release. Slow and steady then, but so far, high quality gear

Also from the end of last year but soon come to a venue nearby Adam Betts is a one man band with his drum kit hooked up to all manner of gizmos to make some intense and exploratory experimental electronic racket. ‘Colossal Squid’ has a great title and an eye popping cover and is filled with remarkable sonic contortions from abstract to anthemic.

lastly post metal giants Pelican are among the bands on the list giving all their profits today, in their case to Doctors Without Borders. This is their own page, not their Southern Lord releases but you can pick up this live show from last year, much rawer than their studio gear, for name your price so you give to a good cause and get a free live album out of it  . . .

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