no more mr. bad guy


no sir, no indeed. calling it a day with a staggering bill for their sold out final show and doin’ it for charidee like the nice guys they secretly are – tomorrow night, hot tears of sorrow will run down still grinning cheeks as Bad Guys bow out. (That’ll be Prince Reelfoot at the very least, he won’t reviesw it but ‘everyone was amazing and I was very drunk’ will suffice) If you’re there you can pick up a cassette of their half a third album. If not you can have a listen and buy it on bandcamp here. As I believe I mentioned earlier – it’s all about the buying things off bandcamp today. ‘No More Mr Bad Guy’ is not in any way half arsed or half done though. Five tracks of solid bad guy riffing and silliness, I have my suspicions that ‘Dickhead For Love’ is going to tear it up tomorrow, shame they aren’t going to be playing it a whole lot more. The rest of the bill also have top tunes you can enjoy/buy on the bandcamp. It’s all good stuff worth and checking out even if you aren’t going or don’t give a crap about Bad Guys neither…

Gum Takes Tooth have been around a while and make a compelling kind of electronic psychedelic noise somewhere between Fuck Buttons and Giant Swan. This album is a couple of years old, they were pretty fierce at Supernormal last summer so maybe another one is not too far away. Luminous Bodies feature Gordon off of Terminal Cheesecake and make a completely demented garge psych racket. Casual Nun have a new record imminent which I’m assured by Reelfoot ‘is not fucking about’ but it ain’t on the bandcamps yet, here’s their first from last summer. Green Tea? mmm love some green tea yeah. Opening proceedings are Henge. That’s the London Henge who love the Butthole Surfers and make a fearsome noise on their brand new God Unknown record – not the Manchester one who love Peter Gabriel period Genesis. Not sure what the possibility of the name clash causing trouble is, they’re both pretty marginal concerns but perhaps we could get someone to book them both for a festival like Supersonic or Sin Eater and have a soundclash – to the victor the name! I’m picturing they get neatly made sashes from a workshop earlier in the day – loser does the washing up.






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