Sheena Is An Acid Casualty


Yo Yo, Yeovil in the house. Or something. pHarmerz is Farmer Glitch and Ekoplekz cooking up a batch of acid clonk in a barn. Bound to be fun right? the wonderfully titled ‘Sheena Is an Acid Casualty’ is here as a taster for the album, you can preorder now if you want, and today, as we all know, is the day to get some bandcamp purchasing in. 8 (not 20) tracks of wibbly wobbly acid meets noise. Upping the ante on the ‘hipsters love defunct formats’ front, this is the sort of analogue jamming hoo-hah that’s generally been building the return of cassette tape, this release though is going to be available on a double 3″ CD-r in a lovely gatefold sleeve. Or just as files if you don’t need something to spill your tea on and curse your foolish monkey claws. Meanwhile, simultaneously in Somerset mafia serenidity it’s been mastered by Matt at 808Hz who is also behind/involved in Patterned Air – Seems no sooner had I posted that stuff earlier about their new release being listed but not having a sample to listen to than one appeared on Soundcloud . . .

“It’s an album of wild spaces and intimate rooms; built on a bedrock of field recordings, roomtones and the ceaseless noise of landscape—the sound of Lo Five’s coastal backyard in the morning, the interior reverberance of a barn in the Cumbrian lakes during an electric storm, the sound of marine pile-drivers planting turbines in the Irish Sea, bodiless voices ghosting on the fells, the whirr and crunch of real instruments and toys in the playroom. It’s deep landscape electronics.”

on the evidence of ‘Interdependants’ it’s a lot prettier, and maybe slightly less interesting, than that makes it sound. but it’s just the one track, I expect the marine pile drivers and bodiless voices appear elsewhere on the record. It’s quite lush sounding. Maybe not Boards Of Canada levels of lush, but it can see them from here


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