A Shadow In Time – William Basinski


Sunday is still, just about, a day of reflection, a pause in the maddening churn. Ideal for some of the meditative ambient drone business to soundtrack a little wistful consideration of the eternal and so on. William Basinksi’s latest double helping of disintegrating loops is a perfectly glorious bath of sound for the tired mind to splash about in. The second side here is dedicated ‘For David Robert Jones’ or Bowie as his dear old mum used to call him. Some wheezing saxophone that does indeed recall certain moments on ‘Blackstar’ is about as pointed as Basinski is ever going to get in terms of where your thoughts might wander while listening to his artfully teased and managed loops. You might consider stones, or travel, all god’s little creatures or the cold and pitiless void. Up to you, although that last one is kind of a downer, really more of a Monday thing if we’re honest…





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