The Frozen Blood Of Christ

Gavin Bryars’ ‘Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet’, a loop of a homeless man singing in the Elephant & Castle with a gorgeous slowly rising accompaniment, is an unquestionable modern classic, an extraordinarily beautiful piece that seems never to try the patience but only soothe the soul no matter how long it gets. A perfect Sunday meditation then, even for the faithless. Elsewhere, the other day, our friend Red Tin Dave (eta – and since I wrote this post every one else in the world too) shared this video of 10 hours of arctic white noise which is calming and interesting all on its own but, perhaps subconciously because of Bryars’ ‘The Sinking Of The Titanic’, it seemed to me the two might go well together. Now obviously, ‘Sinking…’ makes a great deal of more literal sense, but somehow it just doesn’t seem to be quite as rich a combination. Looping ‘Jesus Blood…’ out to the full ten hours could perhaps finally succeed in exhausting, if not trying, one’s patience. It’d be a hefty time commitment, but playing in the background all day . . .



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