Sun Kissed Gap Year Pop

It’s fair to say that Thee Monkey’s Claw has been doing all the heavy lifting round these parts for the last few months, I’ve been fannying around mostly. Including writing the Hickeysonic-related Panic & Carousels column for the NARC. Magazine website (the most recent being here). A recent expansion in my NARC. role means even that very occasional column is gonna have to go on hiatus for a few months, and some of the albums I might have written about there might well crop up here instead.

In the months since the last column there’s been a fucktonne of new stuff I would have written about and now probably won’t, but the least I can do is let you listen to it. So here’s a lengthy mix of things that would have been in the new Panic column, had I written it. And some other stuff that’s not even out yet that may crop up in NARC. at some point.

Hey, it’s better than a poke in the ear with a sharp stick, although that might sound better.

Hickeysonic Presents Sun Kissed Gap Year Pop.jpg

You can stream Hickeysonic Presents Sun Kissed Gap Year Pop here.

And this is what’s on it:

  1. Lawrence English – Somnambulist
  2. Unruly Milk – Endless Unlit Lobbies
  3. Part Chimp – Namekuji
  4. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Sweet Relief
  5. Moon Duo – Cult Of Moloch
  6. Emptyset – Axis 1
  7. Sherwood & Pinch – Gun Law
  8. Loscil – Red Tide
  9. Uniform – The Lost
  10. Gnod – Real Man
  11. Sex Swing – Murder Witness
  12. Free Nelson Mandoomjazz – You Are Old, Father William
  13. Blurt – I Wan’ See Ella (live at Cafe Oto)
  14. Julie’s Haircut – Deluge
  15. Bardo Pond – Crossover
  16. Deutsche Ashram – Draze’N’ Cuss
  17. Kreol Lovecall – Social Spaces
  18. Richard Youngs – Like An Astronaut
  19. Polypores – Wastes 1
  20. Portland Vows – Paper
  21. Time Attendant – Elementary Electronics
  22. Kek-W – Tetrad
  23. Blanck Mass – The Rat
  24. Casual Nun – Everyman’s Folly
  25. Hey Colossus – The Drang
  26. Death Pedals – Kronk
  27. Grey Hairs – The Chin Pt 2
  28. Tough Tits – Nipslip
  29. Wire – Short Elevated Period
  30. Fret! – Cawlett
  31. Sleep – Clarity
  32. The Memory Band – By The Truth Of My Right Hand
  33. David Colohan – NASA Says Not To Worry
  34. Graeme Miller & Steve Shill – Leaving Moomin Valley




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