Dream Girl – Ann Magnuson


Further to yesterday’s Bongwater flashback it turns out Ann Magnuson put out a third solo record late last year. ‘Dream Girl’ is a bang on title as it features her narrating those weird dream state stories she does to greater or lesser degrees of success. It only took as far as the lengthy second track ‘Be A Satyr’ to try my patience but I’d call that a programming mistake myself, there’s plenty of fun to be had here. It’s not Bongwater at all of course, there’s none of Kramer’s random nonsense and wild musical flights, any similarities are in Magnuson’s distinctive writing and voice. The Millionaire of lounge weirdos Combustible Edison provides the backing which is fine and tasteful but doesn’t quite add up to the magic I thought they should together. A version of ‘Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife’ ought to be a gift to both but just seems to play out as a lazy Marlene Dietrich piss take. ‘The Enchanted Forest’ is a welcome new chapter to ‘David Bowie Wants Ideas’ and the record’s second epic ‘Ayuhasca: The Movie’ works far better than the first, starting as a Jim Morrisson spoof and threatening to turn into ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ but meandering on by. The final track is called, with what I take to be piercing honesty, ‘Relieved to Be Irrelevant’. So yeah, the whole thing is an irrelevance, an indulgence but it has it’s charms (if you’re looking for a song about hugging a cat in the sun, that features Kate off the B-52’s this is where you can find it.) The track itself takes the swaying soprific mood of the rest of the record to another level, reminding me of Peggy Lee’s incredible ‘Little White Ship’ and leading you away softly into the arms of Morpheus . . .



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