Supreme – Orthodox


Ahhh Seville – sunshine, oranges, the macarena madonna and um, free form, droning, doom jazz-metal of course. It’s the oppressive summer heat apparently. Time seems to be stood still and yet racing by because everything takes so long. One half hour long track drags itself along the baking tarmac. Stumbling,  grinding bass, exhausted drums and flailing sax skronk. It seems on the point of collapse several times but simultaneously the onward drive is relentless. Imagine Sex Swing dragged out from their subterranean pit of dank and left in the blazing white sun slowly dehydrating in a swirlingly thick heat haze – it’s a bit like that. There’s a lot of flies. I can imagine witnessing this as a compelling, terrifying and draining live performance. It is, no doubt, less intense as a recording but it’s still pretty overwhelming, maybe not one to pop on in the background while you’re cooking tea. Possibly not something you need to listen to more than once or twice in fact – but if you want to go, it’s worth the trip.




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