Colliding Contours – Driftmachine


Driftmachine’s ‘Colliding Contours’ was another big favourite with me last year and they’ve handily just followed it up with a sequel featuring a couple of remixes and some new stuff as well. See below the lengthy and wild Shackleton re-imagining of ‘Radiations’. A Berlin-based duo tinkering with modular synthesis sounds a bit “you’ve got latte froth in your moustache Heinrich” I know, but this is not a formless cassette release of free form murk far from it (although I’d still like it if it was) these guys are firmly in control of their temperamental analogue charges. Like the cover art, there’s a hard edged abstract geometry at work but it’s providing structure more than just constricting things to any rigid techno grid. There’s a nighttime, urban feel to the whole thing. Industrial, kosmische, and experimental elements riding tense grooves and what it amuses me greatly to call an unheimlich electronic atmosphere. ‘Observant Sirens’ features what sounds like an old dial up modem having some kind of emotional crisis and it’s this finely struck balance between stark machine music and the more organic, emotive chaos of modular synthesis that gives the whole record its charm. It’s absolutely brilliant, familiar and yet unique at the same time.




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